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The Incident is an Emmy Award winning (Outstanding Drama) made-for-TV movie from 1991. This film was written by the creative team of James and Michael Norell, who were also nominated for an Emmy for outstanding writing. It was directed by the legendary Joseph Sargent. The Incident stars Robert Carradine, Peter Firth, Walter Matthau, Harry Morgan, WIlliam Schallert and Norbert Weisser.   This incredible movie is presented in detail throughout this website in screen images and synopsis, along with several behind the scenes photos. Additionally, this site also includes several dedicated pages with interesting facts and anecdotes regarding the actual German POWs who were brought to America during WWII. Many of the aspects of this film are based on true events in POW camps. You will find many examples of this in the German POWs in America section of this website.   
This website is dedicated to all those individuals who served, and especially to those who were held captive -- no matter what country or what war.
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A story of German POWs in America
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